How to Find a Grant for Being Left-Handed

Being left-handed is a characteristic that many have. Some are naturally this way, and some were forced to use their left hand when using the right hand was no longer possible. No matter what the reason, there are a lot of advantages to being left-handed. As a child, you are often made to feel special when extra attention is given because of this trait. There were even special Cabbage Patch Kids that were made left-handed to celebrate this! Well, there is more great news. You can get money for being left-handed. Yes, grants are available.

Go to the office of the Small Business Association in your city. They are rich in resources for grants of all kinds. See the link in our Resources section for the website of the national office. You can search for your local one within the website.

Look for a left-handed grant for school at FreeWebs. This website offers a free search engine. It's free to use, and some unusual grants and scholarship--such as those for left-handed individuals--do come up.

Consider attending Pennsylvania's Juniata College. The Frederick and Mary F. Buckley Scholarship program gives out the money to students. Grants are given to left-handed students through this program. Apply early for your best chance for acceptance and be sure to include all requested documentation. Keep in mind that you may have to attend the school for a year before being eligible for the grant.

Write a letter of appeal to a wealthy left-handed individual. By explaining your situation and what you have to offer, you may be able to get an non-traditional grant from an individual for being left-handed. Someone who's been in your position knows the challenges and unusual things that come up when you sail through life being left-handed.

Fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). That's an important part of finding education grants. From there, the federal government--and your local school--can inform you of all sorts of grants that you may be eligible for. Apply for this in January prior to the school year you wish to attend. Get it in early for additional opportunities.


  • Ask around when you find a fellow lefty. You never know the wealth of information that kindred spirits have to share with one another. Remind people that Picasso, Einstein and Bill Clinton are fellow lefties. You are in good company.


  • Don't fake being left-handed for the sake of getting a grant. Not only can that get you in trouble privately and with the law, it just doesn't make sense. There are plenty of things that you can probably get a grant for honestly.