Financial Assistance for Stillborn Infants Headstone & Funeral

It is difficult to cope when what is supposed to be the most exciting time in your life suddenly turns into the most devastating. Losing a child is traumatizing. In addition to the emotional stress, you are faced with the unexpected cost of providing an appropriate funeral and headstone for your stillborn infant. Organizations are available to assist you.

Funeral Homes

Although you may not be ready to deal with the arrangements, a family member can contact a local funeral home to explain the loss and your financial situation. Many funeral homes waive fees or offer discounted rates when an infant dies. If the funeral home does not offer this type of service, inquire about payment plans or ways to avoid upfront expenses.

National Charities

Some charities with branch locations across the country, such as the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities, are known to provide financial help to families. The assistance covers basic needs and unexpected hardships. The Angel Names Association is a non-profit organization based in New York that aims at assisting families across the country who encounter miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death. Funding for the program is limited.


Churches often help community members with funeral and headstone costs. Even if you do not regularly attend a church, many are willing to help any family who loses a child. If the church does not have funding, it may host a fundraiser or create a fund to allow community members to donate.

Local Charities

Community-based organizations often establish funds to provide financial relief in times of need. For example, the Unforgettables Foundation in a non-profit organization designed to help families struggling to cope with death of a child, including the financial burden. Run by a crew of volunteers, the foundation helps low-income families honor their lost loved ones. The charity is based in Southern California and provides financial help to families throughout the state. The Conor Kirdy Memorial Fund helps residents of Maryland and Pennsylvania by offering financial assistance for burials, cremations, headstones and even family therapy support. Contact your local Community Action Agency or United Way's 211 referral line for information regarding organizations near you.