Financial Help for the Mentally Disabled

Financial Help for the Mentally Disabled
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Having a family member or someone under your care who is mentally disabled can present a unique set of challenges. Finding financial help for a mentally disabled individual is a priority for many caregivers. Knowing where to look for financial aid can be a challenge in itself, but there are some good resources to consider.

Foundation and Federal Grants

Foundation grants are available for individuals who are mentally disabled. Find a foundation for the specific disability and check to see if they provide funding services or grants for school or assistive equipment and supplies. The federal government provides assistance to those who are mentally disabled. Web resources are now available for the disabled community through From the website you can find information about jobs, scholarships, housing and government grants.

Disability Funders Network

The Disability Funders network is an organization that seeks to promote individual equality and rights for the nation's disabled community. The Disability Funders Network works as a bridge between philanthropic organizations and the individual, helping bring funding to those in need. The Disability Funders Network works with anyone who has a disability and will help those in need track down the funding they require. The Network helps mentally disabled individuals find jobs, health care, housing and funding for transportation.


If you have a mentally disabled individual under your care who is going to college, there are a variety of financial aid packages and scholarships available. Scholarship and grant opportunities are available through the government as well as from institutions that support individual disabilities. For example, the Anne Ford Foundation is a group formed by the National Center for Learning Disabilities; this initiative awards scholarships to qualified individuals.