Financial Help for People With Depression

Individuals dealing with a disease sometimes have a difficult time accomplishing the daily tasks of life; this is especially true with people suffering from depression. These individuals are sometimes unable to work, pay bills and care for their families. By seeking assistance from the government, various charitable organizations and family members, people with depression can get financial help. Monetary assistance with prescription drugs, housing and living expenses can all help people struggling with depression.

Prescription Drug Assistance

People living with depression often cannot function without the medication that their physician or psychiatrist has prescribed. Without medicine, they often cannot hold a consistent job, and are thus unable to pay the rent, mortgage and other bills. There are many government and charitable organizations that provide prescription drug assistance. While these programs typically require proof that an individual does not have insurance coverage for the needed medications, the programs will provide prescription drugs to qualified people dealing with depression at no cost. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance will give assistance to people who need to apply for these programs.

Housing Assistance

Sometimes, people suffering from severe depression still need financial assistance, even when they are consistently taking the appropriate medication. For these individuals, assistance with housing is necessary. There are programs offered through the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that provide housing to people with mental disabilities, such as depression. These programs may provide funds to help with a down payment or closing costs, or the coverage of mortgage payments during a hospitalization that is due to mental illness. Publicly funded, government housing is also an option for people struggling with depression. Because these situations are based on the specific needs of the individual, the National Mental Health Association will help with the application process.

Living Expense Assistance

There are depressed individuals who need financial assistance with more than just medication and housing, because their depression leaves them completely unable to work so that they are financially unstable. People with depression this severe can apply for disability payments from the government. This program is run through the Social Security Administration of the United States and is one of the largest programs that assists people with disabilities, including severe depression. Individuals who just need temporary living expense assistance should also consider asking charitable organizations or churches specific to their geographic location. Sometimes family members are also willing to help with finances on a temporary basis.


Depression is a real disease. People struggling with a mental illness like depression need help, and often that help is financial. There are government and other charitable organizations that are funded to give financial help to those with depression.