How to Finance Music Equipment

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Whether you're a professional musician or disc jockey, you will need quality equipment if you plan to perform in front of live audiences and record in the studio. Buying musical equipment outright isn't always an option, as equipment can be expensive. Financing equipment is one way to get the things you need now without shelling out a major chunk of cash you don't necessarily have to spare.

Estimate how much money you will need to finance to procure the equipment you want and work out a budget plan.

Research financing plans.Visit your local music stores. Most music stores have in-store financing and layaway programs. Check out online and catalog service music stores, like Musician's Friend and DJ Store.

Apply for equipment financing over the phone or online.

Put together a finance strategy and visit your local bank to apply for a loan. Show the loan officer your plan and fill out the necessary paperwork.

If you get approved for financing, don't overspend or finance more than you need. Keep your credit in good standing by making your payments regularly and on time.


  • There are no guarantees when it comes to financing.

    Your credit score will greatly influence the possibility of financing the equipment you need.

    A low credit score borrower may still be able to gain financing, but at a greater overall cost and higher interest rate.