How to Finance Gender Reassignment Surgery

How to Finance Gender Reassignment Surgery. Financing gender reassignment surgery is probably necessary because most insurance companies don't cover the procedure. Unfortunately, this surgery can also be very expensive as complete gender reassignment typically requires multiple surgeries. There are many ways that a gender reassignment surgery candidate can try to finance this procedure. Read on to learn how.

Calculate the cost associated with each surgery. Consult with the patient accounts department to get an estimate of each medical procedure and overall cost. Pay for each procedure upfront if you have enough in a savings account. Save for a down payment, and negotiate payments over time on the balance.

Explore taking out a loan against the funds available in a retirement account or 401k account. Deduct the money to pay for gender reassignment surgery. While you may pay a penalty, the monies in such an account may be enough to finance the surgery or pay for a good portion of it.

Apply for a secured line of credit or a loan for the surgery. If you have a good credit history and score. Consider getting enough money from one or several banks or credit unions. Plan for time to recover from surgery in your budget and make sure you have the ability to pay back the loans later, after the surgery is over.

Inquire about alternate sources of funding such as foundations. Fund raising is another option to get enough money for a down payment. Check online for funding sources to get gender reassignment surgery.


  • Ask friends and relatives if they can front you a loan for the surgery. If nothing else, you can get an interest-free loan to cover for your surgery.

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