How to Fill in a TD Visa Check

In the age of online banking and direct payment, it is common for a young person to grow into adulthood without ever needing to write a check. The boxes and lines can confuse you the first time you try to fill out your first TD Visa check, but with some practice, the task soon becomes manageable. You can use your TD Visa check like a personal check. The funds will be taken from your TD Visa account.

Print the date at the top right-hand corner of the check, using the line or the boxes provided.

Fill in the “Pay to the Order of” line with the name of the person or business you are paying. If it is a personal check to an individual, write the individual’s name on that line. If you are paying for a service, write the name of the business.

Print the dollar amount in the box to the right of the first line. Include cents as a decimal, such as $1,234.56.

Write the dollar amount in words on the second line. Use the /100 DOLLARS symbol to fill in the cents as a fraction of one hundred, for example: "One thousand, two hundred, thirty four and 56/100 DOLLARS."

Sign the line in the bottom right corner, using your normal signature. Optionally, fill in the memo section with a description of the payment you are making, for example “Rent for May.”


  • Use permanent pen to prevent any changes being made to your check.

    If you notice any open spaces on your check, fill them in with a line to prevent someone from adding additional figures or payees.