How to Fill in a TD Visa Check

We live in the era of digital payments. But that doesn’t mean that people have abandoned checks completely. Despite the fact that check usage has been declining over the years, one Federal Reserve study showed the decline is slower than anticipated.

Many people and businesses still use cash as one of their top preferred modes of payment. Also, people tend to store more cash during extreme situations, such as the ongoing pandemic, because cash is still king.

But checks are the next best thing for many people around the country. So, it is not surprising that 42 percent​ of Millenials use checks to conduct personal and business transactions. After all, they do offer many benefits worth considering.

The Benefits of Checks

Below are some benefits of using checks.

  • For the seven percent​ of Americans who don’t use the internet, writing a check may be the only way to get paid or transfer money to someone else safely.
  • Checks offer a low-cost way of moving money from one party to another. Most of them do not carry convenience fees that are common with electronic payments. However, you would need to pay for the checks and for the mailing expenses.
  • You can mail checks without worrying about possibly losing your money, as would likely happen if you sent cash using similar channels. With no way of proving you sent it, someone can easily take it.
  • Since not anyone can cash checks and they are traceable, they are less attractive to thieves and scammers. In addition, you can account for payments by making copies. That comes in handy when you need to track your financial activities.
  • You don’t need to have a bank account to cash checks.
  • If you opt for business checks, you can easily separate your business and personal finances for accountability. It will be easier to file your taxes.
  • Many businesses still accept checks.

How to Write a TD Visa Check

TD Visa Check enables you to access funds from your TD Visa account. You can order them online or from your local TD Bank. But first, ensure you have your account and routing numbers ready for confirmation purposes. The former is at the bottom right, while the latter is the nine-digit number at the bottom left corner of the check. Your checks will come with these numbers preprinted.

  1. At the top right corner, where the label “Date” is, put in the date on which you write the check.
  2. In the “Pay to the order of” section, write down the recipient’s name, which may belong to an individual or a business. And ensure you use their official names.
  3. Underneath the line indicating the recipient, write down the amount of money you are sending in words. For example, you could write 'one hundred dollars and twenty-five cents."
  4. Next to the name, write the exact amount of the money you intend to send to the recipient after the dollar sign. It should be in number form and can include two decimal points. For example, you could put in $100.25.
  5. At the bottom lift side, next to the label “for” or “memo,” indicate what the check is for. It could be for goods you have bought or a gift. By writing it down, you will remember the purpose of the check and make it easy to track your expenses.
  6. At the bottom right-hand corner, sign your name. Without a signature, your check will be invalid.

When filling in checks, you must make it difficult for anyone to change the information on your check. So, use a pen to prevent rubbing. And also fill the open spaces using a continuous line.