How to Fill Out a Stock Transfer Statement

How to Fill Out a Stock Transfer Statement
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Whether you want to make a donation to your favorite charity or provide financial support to your children, giving stock instead of cash has a number of benefits. Depending on your situation, you might be able to avoid capital gains taxes on the stock you give, and the recipient can benefit from any further appreciation in the stock price. But in order to enjoy those benefits, you must first transfer ownership of the shares using a stock transfer form.

Complete the personal information section of the stock transfer form. Enter your name exactly as it appears on the brokerage statement. For instance, if the shares are registered to James A. Smith, use that full name instead of simply Jim Smith. Also complete your address, phone number and social security or taxpayer ID.

Enter complete information for the recipient of the shares. If you are donating the stock to a charity, provide the complete name of the organization. Enter the taxpayer ID or social security number of the individual or entity receiving the stock.

Take the completed stock transfer form, and a copy of your brokerage statement, to a financial institution that can provide a medallion stamp. Most banks, credit unions and brokerage firms can provide this stamp, but it pays to call and ask before heading out. Sign the transfer form in the presence of the individual providing the stamp. If the stock is jointly owned, both owners must sign the form.

Copy the entire transfer form and keep the copy for your records. Mail the completed form to the address listed on the form.