How to Fill Out an HSBC Deposit Slip

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HSBC accepts deposits in a variety of ways, including in person at a branch, through an HSBC ATM and by mail. If you don't have a deposit slip, blank ones are available at banking locations and online at HSBC's website. When making a deposit to an HSBC bank account, you must include a deposit slip with your deposited items.

Complete Deposit Slip Thoroughly

On your deposit slip, you must provide the name of the account holder, date of deposit and account number where funds are to be deposited. There is a line for identifying the branch office where the deposit is being made, if done in person, but you can leave this blank. Next, identify the type of account you are depositing to by checking the box for either "Checking" or "Savings." Underneath you will list the items you are depositing. For example, if you are depositing a check for $100, you would write "100" under the "Dollars" column and beside it "00" for "Cents." Although this section specifically asks for a list of checks, you can also include other deposit types, such as cash and money orders. Once you've listed all of your deposit items, you must tally them up and write the total at the bottom of the slip. After completing the deposit slip, the last step is to turn it over to HSBC, along with your deposited items, either to a teller at the branch, through an ATM or by mail.


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