How to Fill Out Free Grant Money Applications

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Grant money can be a blessing in so many ways. It allows you to take care of projects and situations that demand funding when you're unable to fund them yourself. You also don't have to pay grant money back the way you do when you receive a loan.

Include all relevant information. Make sure you take a close look at the requirements for the grant. Some grants require more information than others, so you want to be sure that you're sending exactly what they want. Some grant applications will ask for only the most basic information such as your name, where you live, what you need the money for and how much you need. Others want much more detail -- including whether you've received grants in the past or exactly what the funding will do for you. Make sure you've got it all covered.

Consider hiring a writer for the proposal. A grant proposal is a bit like an essay you write which contains information about your cause. It will state your case and will show why you deserve to receive this grant over hundreds or thousands of other applicants.

Hire your writer. If you do decide to hire a writer, be sure to check previous samples of his work and don't release payment until you're satisfied with the job. You may want to give him as much information as possible so that they he will be knowledgeable about why you're asking for the grant and what it's for. This will help your writer get exactly what you want. You can find freelance writers at and, among other places online.

Try to be different. Do what you can to get your application noticed. Be sure that everything on the application is spelled correctly and is free of grammatical and typing errors. This will ensure that your application appears professional. Your business plan, if applicable, should be thorough.

Send your application. Send the application at least a few weeks before the deadline. When you send via email, wait for your confirmation and save it.


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