How to Fill Out a Deposit Ticket Less Cash Back

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When you deposit checks in a bank account, the funds may not be available to use until the next business day or even longer. Banks usually allow you to get some cash on the spot when you make a deposit so you can take care of immediate expenses. That’s what the phrase “less cash back” or “less cash received” means on a deposit ticket or deposit slip.

Getting Cash Back

Enter the date in the space provided. If your name and account number aren’t already printed on the deposit slip, write them in. Some banks include a signature line. If your bank does this, you must sign when you get cash back. Find the lines on the deposit slip for check deposits. Write in the amount of each check you deposit on a separate line. If you run out of room, list the rest of the checks on the back of the deposit ticket. Write the total amount of all checks on the subtotal line. To get cash back, enter the amount of money you want on the line labeled “less cash back” or “less cash received.” Subtract the cash back amount from the subtotal and write the net deposit amount on the bottom line. Hand the deposit slip and checks to the teller and he will give you the cash.


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