Filing for Food Stamps Online in Nevada

by Alicia Bodine ; Updated July 27, 2017
Nevada residents can purchase groceries with food stamps.

Nevada residents may be able to get help if they find that affording nutritious food is difficult. The Nevada State Division of Welfare and Supportive Services has a program called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Families can apply for SNAP benefits, also referred to as food stamps, by visiting their local Social Services office, or by filling out the online downloadable application.


Applicants must gather information on all of their sources of income. This includes wages, self-employment income, interest, child support, unemployment benefits and SSI. Applicants must accurately report income of every member in the home on the application. The application must present income documents to a case worker from the Social Services office for verification at a scheduled interview.


Income is not the only factor in determining food stamp eligibility. Housing expenses, such as mortgage or rent, utilities, taxes and insurance will be taken in to account. Child support payments, daycare expenses and medical payments made for individuals over the age of 60 are also taken into consideration. Applicants must list these expenses on the application, and bring documents to prove the expenses at the interview.

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Online Application

The Division of Welfare and Supportive Services' online Application for Assistance must be printed and completely filled out before it is submitted. In addition to providing information on income and expenses, applicants must fill out the household member information, resource section, property information, vehicle information and medical information. The application must be signed and dated before submission.

Required Documents

Once the SNAP application has been submitted, an interview with a case worker from your county's Social Services office will be scheduled. Bring the Income and expense documents you gathered while filling out the application. In addition, you must provide proof of identity or citizenship, proof of address and Social Security cards for each household member. Benefits are issued within 30 days of the application if the family is approved.

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