How to File Taxes When You Work in Ohio & Live in Indiana

Many Indiana residents cross the Ohio river each day to work in Ohio. If you live in Indiana and work in Ohio, you might be worried about your state taxes. However, Ohio and Indiana have a reciprocal agreement because it is so common for Indiana residents to work in Ohio. As long as you live in Indiana, you do not have to pay Ohio taxes on your income. Fill out a short form and hand it to your employer to get an exemption from Ohio withholding so that you can pay state taxes only in Indiana.

Obtain Form IT-4NR from the Ohio Department of Revenue. You can download and print out this form from the Department of Revenue's website or request it from the Department of Revenue.

Fill out Form IT-4NR. Provide your name, address and Social Security number in the blanks at the top of the form. Write "Indiana" in the blank for your state of residence. Sign and date the form.

Give the completed IT-4NR to your employer. Your employer will file it and will notify his payroll department not to withhold Ohio taxes from your paychecks.

File state taxes in Indiana by April 15 of each year. As long as you live in Indiana and have an IT-4NR form on file, you will not have to file an Ohio return.


  • If you change jobs or move, you must file a new IT-4NR. You must inform your employer within 10 days if you move out of Indiana.