How to File for Welfare in Missouri

How to File for Welfare in Missouri
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Low-income families in Missouri can file for welfare to assist with expenses. Welfare applicants can request help with purchasing food and medical expenses. You can even apply for monthly cash assistance. The federally-funded programs are administered by the Missouri Department of Social Services which is responsible for processing applications and following federal guidelines when determining eligibility for benefits. It may take up to 30 days for your application for welfare to be processed.

Locate the nearest Missouri Department of Social Services welfare office using the online listing found on their website (also listed in this article's resources section). Select your county of residence from the drop-down list to view the office's information.

Visit the office and request an application for welfare. Tell the person at the front desk which benefits you are applying for so you can receive the correct application.

Complete and submit the application to the front clerk. Complete as much of the application as you possibly can. Double-check the application before submitting it. An appointment letter for an interview with a caseworker will be mailed to you.

Attend the interview at the welfare office. Take any requested documents with you to the interview. A list of needed documentation is included with your appointment letter.

Wait for a letter from the welfare office regarding your case. After the caseworker completes your case, you will receive a letter with the office's decision. If approved for benefits, the letter will provide you with a start date for your benefits.


  • You can also obtain the location of the nearest welfare office by searching the “Government Offices” listing in a Missouri phone book.

    An application can also be obtained on the Department of Social Services website which can be accessed through this article's resources section. The application can be mailed to the office or faxed to 573-522-6220.

    If you are denied welfare, you can appeal the office's decision by following the directions on the denial letter you receive after your interview.