How to File Taxes Online Free

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
You may qualify to file taxes online at no charge.

Many are filing taxes online but commonly do not realize it is possible to file online for free as long as adjusted gross income is not more than $58,000. In years past, filing taxes online meant purchasing tax software, which was often cheaper and easier than visiting a tax professional. More and more companies are offering free basic tax filing services. To upgrade to more complicated tax forms and situations does sometimes require a small fee; however, it is often more affordable than a tax professional.

Step 1

Access Click "e-file My Return for Free." Go through the links on the next page to select from one of the many companies offering free filing of both state and federal taxes.

Step 2

Gather all necessary tax documents you will need to file. For starters, you will need Social Security numbers, all W-2s and documents concerning earned interest. Your tax preparation website will prompt you with questions for more complicated tax situations.

Step 3

Designate whether you want a paper check or direct deposit into a bank account. Direct deposit is faster.


  • Always read through the fine print to ensure that your tax filing is actually free and you don't stumble upon hidden charges.

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