How to File a Tax Return by Mail

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Despite today's highly technological world, there still are situations that warrant use of snail mail, or the postage system. One such situation might be filing taxes. Whether you are filing the 1040EZ form, or have a much more complicated set of tax documents to submit to the government, the process for filing a tax return by mail remains the same. Note that you will be required to cover the cost of postage for your documents.

Visit the website page that details where to file your tax returns. There is a direct link located in the references center below that will take you to this site.

Locate and click on your state on the United States map located on the page.

Look under the section that says "you are filing a form...," and scroll down the page until you see the type of tax form you are using. If you are unsure of your tax form type, look at the top left corner of your completed tax form.

Select the corresponding address to mail your taxes. Note that there are two separate addresses from which to choose. One is for those including a tax payment and one is for those who are not.

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