How to File an Amended State of Alabama Tax Form

How to File an Amended State of Alabama Tax Form
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Alabama residents who meet certain income requirements are required to file an Alabama State Income Tax Return. On occasion, once a return has been filed with the Alabama Department of Revenue, taxpayers may realize that a mistake was made on the return or even receive an amended copy of a tax form that was used in the filing of their income tax return. When this happens, an amended tax return must be filed. Amended returns can be filed up to three years after the original tax year.

Steps to filing an Amended Return

Obtain a Form 40X, Amended Alabama Individual Income Tax Return, for the tax year you wish to amend, from the Alabama Department of Revenue’s Web site.

Print and fill out the Form 40X to correct any mistakes from your original Alabama Income Tax Return. Instructions are provided with Form 40X to assist you with providing the appropriate information.

Mail your amended return to: Alabama Department of Revenue Individual and Corporate Tax Division Post Office Box 327464 Montgomery, AL 36132-7464

Amendment Limitations

Amend items on your tax return such as unreported income, unreported dividends and unreported tips. On occasion an employer will make a mistake on your W2 or 1099 and you may receive a corrected form after you have already filed your personal tax return, which will need to be amended.

Fill out Form NOL-85 if you are amending your return to include a net operating loss.

Carry net operating losses forward or backward up to three tax years on amended tax returns.


  • Changes to your state income tax return may mean that changes will need to be made to your federal income tax return as well.


  • Attach any forms, such as W2s, showing changes from your original tax return to the amended return before mailing.

    Deductions may be changed from standard to itemized or vice versa on amended returns.

    Filing status may not be changed on an ameneded return.