How to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Management Company

Real estate management companies lease units to consumers and perform other property-management-related tasks. If you feel wronged by a management company, you can file a complaint to try to get your issue addressed. States provide consumers with a way to make these types of issues known and to find a resolution.

Gather all the proof related to your complaint, including dates, communication from the real estate management company and your lease agreement, if applicable.

First, try getting directly in touch with the real estate management company for a resolution of your issue. If you do not receive a response or resolution, proceed to the next step.

Contact your state’s attorney general's office. The attorney general deals with cases of consumer fraud and commonly assists with issues related to real estate. In other cases, the attorney general’s office simply refers you to the appropriate department, such as the state's real estate department. Locate the online attorney general's submission form to initiate your complaint.

Provide full details about your complaint against the real estate management company, but try to keep it very brief, to about two to three paragraphs. Describe exactly how you feel the real estate management office has wronged you, such as not honoring a lease agreement on a property or misrepresenting the terms.

Enter your contact information on the complaint form and submit it for consideration. The attorney general's office evaluates the claim and decides if an investigation is warranted.


  • You can also submit your complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB might be able to pressure the real estate company to respond to your issue.