How to File an Extension by Phone

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires taxpayers to file individual income tax returns no later than April 15, unless they have applied for an automatic extension that gives them until Oct. 15 to file. Automatic extensions of time can be mailed to the IRS offices, applied for online, or requested via phone. The IRS must receive any such request no later than April 15. The IRS offers three companies from which to file an extension over the phone.

File an automatic extension of time by calling 888-972-9829, 888-729-1040 or 888-872-9829. Applying for an extension over the phone is done by paying the amount of your estimated tax due. If you do not owe any taxes to the IRS, you need not file an extension of time.

Follow the instructions you are given when calling any of the above numbers. You may choose to pay the amount of your estimated tax due by using the automated option or by choosing to speak to a customer service representative.

Enter your credit card information over the phone or provide it to the customer service representative to whom you are speaking. Once your estimated taxes have been paid, your tax return will automatically be extended.

Record the confirmation number you are given once you have paid your taxes over the phone. Keep this number for your personal records.