How to File a Quitclaim Deed in Fairfax County, Virginia

A quitclaim deed transfers all of a person or entity's right, title and interest in real property, such as land or a house. Quitclaim deeds are special instruments in the sense that they contain no warranties as to the quality of the real property nor as to what interest the seller has in the property. Thus, a quitclaim deed merely transfers to the buyer whatever interest the seller has in the property. Filing a quitclaim deed in Fairfax County, Virginia, is a fairly straightforward process.

Click the "Web application" link on the Fairfax County land records website. Select "QUITCLAIM DEED" from the drop-down menu under "Instrument Type." "Click "Add Instrument Type." Under the box "Names to be indexed," enter the name of the grantor of the quitclaim deed, starting with the last name followed by the first and middle names The grantor is the person selling the property. Click "Add Name." In the drop-down box, select "Grantee" and enter the grantee's name. Click "Add Name."

Type in the amount of money paid for the quitclaim deed in the space next to "Consideration." Contact the Fairfax County Circuit Court to determine the original book and page on which the property was recorded. Enter in the tax map number of the property. This information can also be obtained from the circuit court or the county assessor. Enter the legal description of the property under "Property Description." Legal descriptions can be obtained from the circuit court.

Enter the number of pages of the quitclaim deed, excluding the coversheet. Click the "Calculate Fee" button. Then, click "Create Barcode Page." Print the cover sheet on a blank piece of paper. Staple the cover sheet to the quitclaim deed.

Go to the Fairfax County Circuit Court's land records counter. Ask the clerk to file the quitclaim deed with the coversheet. Pay the clerk the required fee.


  • This article does not constitute legal advice. See an attorney.