How to Figure City Income Taxes

If you work in a city, then the chances are great that you pay an income tax to the city. Philadelphia, Cincinnati and New York City are among the cities that charge an income tax, or wage tax, for those who work in them. It is not difficult to figure out how much you pay in city income taxes if you have the tax rate and your gross income.

Contact the city tax department. The city's tax department is in charge of collecting income taxes, or wage taxes, and the department should be able to provide you with the tax rate.

Calculate your income. Determine whether you would like to figure out the city income tax for the week, month or year. If you are paid hourly, determine how much you make by multiplying your hourly rate by the number of hours worked in a week, a month or a year. If you are paid a salary, divide your salary by 12 to determine how much you make per month or by 52 to determine how much you make per week. Do not adjust your income for any taxes that you would pay. You must calculate your gross pay in order to accurately calculate how much is taken out in city income taxes.

Multiply the tax rate by your income. Once you have figured out your gross income, multiply it by the tax rate provided by the city tax department. The product will be the amount that you pay the city as income tax.