How to Figure the Amount You Would Receive for Disability

For those who have been employed but are now unable to work because of a disability, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits. To help individuals calculate whether they are eligible for receiving disability benefits, as well as the amount of disability benefits a person is entitled to, the Social Security Administration has developed a powerful software tool called the Social Security Benefit Calculator.

Download, install and open the Social Security Benefit Calculator from the Social Security Administration website (see Resources). While the Social Security Administration provides online tools for calculating benefits, its downloadable tool is the only one capable of computing disability payments. On a broadband connection, the download should take under a minute. Follow the on-screen directions for installing the calculator.

Select the “Forms” menu, then “Worker Information.” Provide your name, Social Security number, date of birth and address. Indicate your gender, number of family members and check the disability benefits box. Check any of the limited applicability boxes if they apply to your situation. Select “OK.”

Select the “Forms” menu, then “Supplemental Worker Information.” Specify the date of entitlement and the range of years you wish to calculate your earnings. If you wish to project your benefits if you declare for disability in the future, indicate this year in the “last year” tab and select a method of projecting future earnings in the forward earnings projection tab. Select “OK.”

Select the “Forms” menu, then “Disability Information.” Indicate the date of onset of disability, the first month of your disability waiting period and the date of entitlement. Select “OK.”

Select the “Forms” menu, then “Annual Earnings Info.” On the drop-down menu, each year of employment will be listed. For each year of employment, enter your earnings for the year, the type of taxes you paid and whether you had any children in care. Select the “Next Year” tab to switch years. Select “OK” when finished.

Select the “File” menu, then “Calculate Results.” Your projected disability benefit, along with information about any taxes owed, will be displayed on your screen.