How to Get an ExtraCare Card

How to Get an ExtraCare Card
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You can earn 2 percent back on every purchase you make in a store and on the CVS Pharmacy website with an ExtraCare card, according to CVS Pharmacy. CVS logs every purchase you make. Every three months, the rewards you earned will print on your latest receipt from CVS. You can then use those rewards, such as a gift certificate, to buy anything in the store. You can sign up for a free ExtraCare card in a CVS store or online.

How to Sign Up in the Store

Ask a salesperson at any cash register for an ExtraCare card application.

Complete every line on the application. Submit the application to the sales clerk.

Accept your new ExtraCare card from the sales clerk after he processes your information.

How to Sign Up Online

Visit the CVS Pharmacy website (see Resources).

Single-click inside each text box. Type the appropriate answer for the information requested, such as first and last name, home address, phone number and email address.

Single-click in the text box below the captcha. Review the captcha and type the words you see in the text box below. Double-check for accuracy. You must type the words exactly to finalize your account.

Read the privacy agreement. Click the radio button next to "Yes" to accept the privacy agreement.

Click "Submit" to finalize your order. CVS Pharmacy will mail your ExtraCare card to the address you listed on your application.


  • You can click the column icon next to the written captcha to hear a spoken version if you cannot read the text.


  • Double-check the information on your application for accuracy. CVS will use your email and home address to send you coupons and other deals on occasion.