How to Estimate Plasma Donation Pay

by Contributor ; Updated September 14, 2015
plasma donation pay

Plasma donation pay is actually quite good when you consider the amount of effort and skill involved. Literally, you sit and do nothing while machines take your plasma. You need no education or experience, just a healthy body. Especially if you are short on cash, this is a quick and easy way to bridge that gap between now and your next paycheck. Here you will learn how to estimate how much your plasma donation pay will be.

Expect about $40-$60 for plasma donation pay your first visit. This will take at least 2 hours because they give you a full physical and work-up. After that, however, the time commitment is less.

Go back one more time that week (typically you can get plasma donation pay 2 times per week since any more is unsafe for your body. This payment should be similar to your first time, if not exactly the same.

Take your weight into consideration. After your first week of plasma donation pay, typically centers will pay you based on weight. If you have a larger frame, expect around $30 per visit, if you are smaller, $20-$25 is average.

Ask if the plasma donation pay center has a referral program. Some centers pay as much as $150 for every person you refer to them. This adds up quickly. Also, sometimes that person also gets a nice bonus.