How to Enclose a Garage for Cheap

Having space to hold parties or indoor picnics is important, especially if you don't have a patio or deck. Building a room in the garage is a good alternative, and it doesn't have to cost thousands. By using creative techniques and recycled materials, for example, you can build a pleasant room. Appropriate paint colors go a long way in a garage makeover. Also, you can purchase siding and other materials at close-out sales or in the classifieds.

Create a simple wall decorating plan. Install 2-by-4-inch studs on 16-inch centers around the walls to hold drywall covering. Nail up the studs whereby the center of each vertical board is literally 16 inches from the precise center of the board next to it. Follow directions carefully on a reputable wall framing website (see Resources). Hide the garage roll-up door with insulation and a plywood covering, if you don't want to remove the main door. Check out alternative methods to effectively insulate the door space (see Resources).

Lay recycled plywood in the attic ceiling with insulation on top. Don't insulate the walls, especially if the walls are made of concrete blocks. Keep in mind that air spaces in the blocks provide some insulation. Do insulate the attic ceiling if you will use the room a lot. Place plywood in the ceiling, and cover each section with roll-type fiberglass insulation.

Make a media wall to hide the roll-up door. Paint over any garage door windows. Cover the main door with sheets of hard foam insulation purchased in sheets. Place a wall of 6-foot-high book shelves, bought at yard sales or close-out sales, along the garage main door wall. Use this "media wall" to hold books, a television and other media equipment.

Paint the garage exterior and wood trim. Roll on a coat of paint, especially if the garage has been neglected over time. Make the exterior reasonably inviting via paint. Add a couple of large pots of outdoor plants to a walk-out door entry. Repair any roof shingles or old guttering to prevent indoor leaking during bad weather.

Create a simple plan for flooring. Plan to install a large area rug over concrete, vinyl or linoleum flooring or indoor-outdoor carpet. Buy a sofa, chairs and tables at flea markets to furnish the room. Use bright colors for rugs, furniture and wall artwork to make the new room look inviting.


  • Make a three-season room by simply painting all garage walls and adding a curtain over the garage door, if you like. Use a bright color combination and adequate lighting to use the space for watching television or holding children's parties, for example.


  • Don't run electric extension cords into the room across floor areas. Instead, run any wiring needed through conduit placed in the attic areas. Concrete flooring can have metal grid work. So, install a thin subflooring of rubber material or vinyl sheeting to prevent getting shocked. Ask an electrician to offer input into grounding any outlets or lamps.