How to Get Emergency Help With Rent in Michigan

A financial crisis can spring up at any time, causing you to fall behind on rent and other living expenses. Michigan residents can apply for emergency assistance at a variety of public, private and state agencies. While aid programs are available to most who apply, all applicants are subject to minimum requirements. If you cannot pay your rent or are facing an eviction notice, act immediately by contacting one of the many organizations available to you and your family.

Apply for State Emergency Relief through the Department of Human Services (see Resources). The SER Program provides immediate financial help to individuals and families facing conditions of extreme hardship. To qualify, your household must be classed as low-income.

Apply for Family Independence Program through the Department of Human Services (see Resources). The DHS’ Family Independence Program provides temporary cash assistance for living expenses such as rent. The program is only available to low-income families with minor children and pregnant women.

Show proof of income, citizenship status, age, Social Security number and rent costs with your application.

Contact a private agency such as The Salvation Army. Visit a local office and request emergency funding for your rent. You may have to complete a short interview with a Salvation Army worker. All applications are subject to verification.

Call 211 from a landline. If emergency services are available in your area, you may qualify for emergency funding for rent.


  • Emergency funds may be available through your church. Contact a church elder for more information.


  • You cannot receive long-term emergency assistance.