Education Benefits for Social Security Disability Recipients

Education Benefits for Social Security Disability Recipients
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When a working citizen in the U.S. becomes permanently disabled, he may be eligible to receive Social Security disability payments every month. And, even when a person is receiving disability benefits, he might want to go back to work, and might need additional education to do so. Those receiving federal Social Security disability benefits have a number of options to aid in the cost of continuing education.

Tuition Assistance

The higher the level of education a person with a disability has, the more options they have for eventually finding gainful employment. Thus, Social Security disability recipients have a number of ways to help them in college.

If the recipient was receiving Social Security disability benefits before enrolling in college, these benefits continue while they are in college until (and if) they find employment. Additionally, there are many forms of government sponsored financial aid available for those with disabilities

I a person is a Social Security disability recipient, then her status as disabled is already legitimate, and financial aid will be easier to acquire.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Disability recipients may also be considering lines of work that do not require a college degree but that still require additional training. Typically, state-run vocational rehabilitation (VR) centers are in place to provide assistance and training to those who are receiving Social Security disability benefits and who want to return to work, who want to start working for the first time, or who want to train and enter a new field.

More information about state VR can be found on the Social Security Administration website.

Ticket to Work

This is another Social Security program for those disability benefit recipients who are seeking education or employment. The goal of this program is to allow recipients to eventually gain economic independence.

In this program, a literal “ticket to work” is issued to recipients. Recipients may then use it to assist in getting additional vocational rehabilitation and job training, in addition to eventual job placement, through governmental and private placement institutions.

The program is free for Social Security Disability recipients and the ticket can also be used at state vocational rehabilitation centers.