Easy Ways to Make Money Fast for Kids

Easy Ways to Make Money Fast for Kids
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Teaching children to earn their own money can help them learn about financial responsibility and budgeting. This can also be an easy way to teach them how to save their money for things that they want, which can instill a sense of maturity in a child. While children are not capable of holding a job, there are several ways that kids can earn money quickly and easily.

Mowing Lawns

For older children, mowing lawns around the neighborhood is an easy way to make money, especially if you live in a large neighborhood with many neighbors in need of having their grass cut. Help your child determine a set rate to charge per lawn, and provide them with a mower to use or make sure they will be able to use a mower owned by the neighbor.

Raking Leaves

When leaves begin to fall, raking leaves is another easy way that kids can make money in their own neighborhood. Have your child set a flat rate to charge for raking the leaves out of neighbors' lawns.


Older kids can make money quickly by babysitting younger siblings or neighborhood children. Before allowing your child to babysit, is best to make sure she is certified in CPR and is mature enough to handle watching children for extended periods of time.

Car Washing

In the summer months, your child can earn extra money by washing cars around the neighborhood. Help your child determine a price to charge per vehicle and make sure he has all the necessary supplies for washing cars, such as soap, a sponge or mitt, a bucket and access to a hose.

Dog Walking

Walking neighborhood dogs is another fast and easy way your child can make money. Pet owners do not always have the time to take their canines for daily walks, creating an opportunity for your child to earn money regularly.