Easy Ways for 15-Year-Old Boys to Make Money

Easy Ways for 15-Year-Old Boys to Make Money
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Financially supporting a 15-year old boy might be challenging to a family's household budget. Many schools now require you to pay for sports uniforms, school functions and class trips. Teens also need money for entertainment, toys and technology. Because of the several ways available for you to make money, there’s no reason not to. Take some of the financial load off your folks, and earn some of your own cash.


If you enjoy kids, you’ll find plenty of jobs where you can play all day with them. Take a babysitting course, like the one through the Red Cross, where you get trained on general first aid, babysitting basics, general child care and how to effectively deal with emergencies. You also get CPR certified.

Day camps and sleep-away camps need counselors. You may not be old enough to be a full counselor, but many camps use counselor’s-in-training or junior counselors. Contact a camp you’ve attended or one you’re interested in, and ask what their hiring policies are for counselors.

Day cares need enthusiastic, energetic employees. If you’ve got child care experience or are interested in working with younger kids, talk to you gym’s drop-off day care/playroom, your church’s nursery or a local day care.

Manual Labor

Because many families are dual-income households, it’s hard for them to find time to mow, shovel, rake and keep up with general upkeep and house maintenance. If you’ve got the skills, put them to good use. Other services people often hire out for include dog walking, pool cleaning, gutter cleaning, organizing, pet sitting, car detailing and general landscaping.

Food Industry

Whether you live in the city or a rural community, you likely have a few diners or restaurants that use busboys, servers, hosts, cooks and cashiers. You don’t have to know how to prepare food to serve it, but you do need a pleasant attitude and willingness to work. Tips add up, and if you treat your customers right, they often reward you. Grocery stores rely on inventory stockers, cashiers and baggers to keep their customers happy and their shelves neatly organized.

Online Auctions

If you have anything in good condition that you don’t use anymore or just don’t like, sell it through an online auction site or online sales site. Some have age restrictions, so your parents may need to be involved. Set your price, post a picture and watch your items sell while you collect easy money.