How to Earn Money at a Young Age

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It's never too soon to start generating an income for yourself. In addition to applying for part-time jobs at retail outlets and fast food joints, there are plenty of odd jobs you can take to earn spending money or start a savings account. If you’re enterprising, you might even think about starting your own business.

Step 1

Make a list of things you're good at dong. Maybe you have a green thumb and enjoy yard work or gardening and can hire yourself out as a landscaping assistant for yard chores. If you're a wiz at math, consider making your services available as a tutor. Focus on things you enjoy and have a knack for doing.

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Start your own business. If you have a car, consider grocery delivery services for the elderly or for people who find it difficult to get around. Invest in ladders, brushes and cleaning supplies, and start your own house-painting business. Learn how to clean pools and test water chemicals, and start your own full-service pool maintenance business.

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Ask your local parks and recreation department about part-time, summer and seasonal jobs for teens. You might be able to find work as a lifeguard, child care center assistant, summer camp counselor, or assistant sports league coach or manager.

Step 4

Run errands for adults or be a mother’s helper. Set a competitive hourly rate for your services and build a clientele with whom you do repeat business.


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