How to Earn Money Fast for Kids: Free Ways

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Kids who earn money traditionally do so by completing chores for other people in their local neighborhoods. Traditional ways for kids to make money fast are by washing cars, babysitting, and walking dogs. Kids work out arrangements with local neighbors to tend to chores around their houses. In exchange the neighbors pay reasonable rates for satisfactory work that is completed. If you're a kid looking to earn money fast, then check out the steps below to help you.

Watch TV local commercials or read newspapers to find contests that you can enter to earn money fast if you are a kid. During summer months, TV networks or newspapers will raffle off grills or other things for promotions. During the holidays, businesses sometimes sponsor a contest for Halloween costume parties or for the best Christmas light display.

Consider entering in some of these contests. Even if you win a grill or other type of prize, you can always sell it and make money. Read the age requirements that are posted underneath the terms and conditions of the contest. If you are under the age requirement, consider talking to your parents about entering. Your parents may be inclined to help if you complete the requirements for the contest and win

Mow some lawns to make some cash. Mowing lawns in one the traditional ways for kids to make money fast. Inquire to your local neighbors if they need someone to tend to their lawns. In winter months, shovel snow off of sidewalks and patios to make some money.

Talk to your parents about what a fair pay wage would be for mowing lawns in your area.

Sell some of your older toys that you don't use as a way to make money fast for kids. In early 2010, a single Nintendo game sold for almost 13 thousand dollars because of the rarity on a popular online action site.

Compare prices of items on online auction sites of items that you have to sell to make money. Look over popular toys and video games that are selling at decent prices online. In the summer time visit yard sales near your house and purchase items that sell well. Ask your parents to help you sell those items online as a way for kids to make money fast.


  • If you consider using an online method to make money that states that it is for kids, then have your parents read over the materials before you sign up for anything.

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