How to Earn Money Blogging

How to Earn Money Blogging
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Earning money by blogging provides many challenges to online entrepreneurs. It's not as easy as posting a few articles and checking your bank account. You must pick a topic or niche, design your blog and develop an audience. Bloggers wanting to earn money must diversify their portfolios using many different avenues such as affiliate partnerships, ad revenue and selling a product. It takes a lot of work, time, luck and traffic to become a successful blogger with money in the bank.

Sign up for advertising sites like Google AdSense, Chitika or Kontera to add advertising links to your blog. When one of your readers clicks on the link, money is paid into your account. Never click on your own links.

Sign up for affiliate marketing websites like Linkshare, ClickBank, Shareasale and Google Affiliate Network. You'll need an established blog with several blog posts to qualify for most affiliate partnerships. Whenever someone clicks an affiliate link on your website and purchases a product from your affiliate partner, you receive a commission.

Sell advertising spots on your blog to companies. Once you have incoming traffic and growing popularity, approach companies that fit with your blog topic. Offer advertising space on your website for a specific monthly price. This type of advertising differs from a program like Google AdSense, which only pays when someone clicks. Selling ad revenue guarantees monthly income.

Turn your blog into an e-book. Companies such as Amazon, Apple and Smashwords allow authors to self-publish their work on their electronic platforms. Assemble your blog content into an e-book using their formatting guidelines. Advertise your e-book to your blog traffic and on your social media networks to generate sales.

Sell your own products on your blog. Technology bloggers may want to sell WordPress templates or their own programming applications. Sell your expertise using a membership site. Fashion bloggers with craft experience can create crafts, jewelry and clothing to sell. Figure out what your skills are and sell them on your website.


  • Buying your own domain reflects a professional image. Using free blogging services works in the beginning but eventually you will want to upgrade your blog to your own domain. Use social media marketing techniques to build your traffic base and increase your site traffic.


  • Clicking on your own affiliate links or ad links is called click fraud. Don't risk your reputation and relationship with these partners by cheating the system.