How to Get a Duplicate Copy of a GED Certificate

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After taking a test as rigorous as the Graduate Record Examination, keep a copy of your scoring certificate for your records. If you've misplaced it, you can get a duplicate copy through Educational Testing Service, which produces and manages the GRE test. An extra copy will cost you $25, but the cost may be well worth it. There are three ways to get a duplicate copy of your GRE scores; ETS recommends going online for the fastest service.

Step 1

Go to Create a GRE account if you don’t already have one. Fill out the required information, following the prompts. Prepare to pay by credit or debit card. Once you submit your request, you won't be allowed to change or cancel it. Your request will be processed within five business days.

Step 2

Mail or fax your request by downloading a form at Complete the form, along with your credit or debit card information. Check the box that says “test taker copy only” and mail the form to: ETS, Box 371463, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7463. Your request will be processed within 10 business days after it is received.

Step 3

Download the request form, complete it and then fax it to 1-610-290-8975. Include your credit or debit card information to ensure that your request is processed within 10 business days.


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