How to Get a Free Donated Car

by Faizah Imani
Donated cars come with upkeep costs.

People donate used cars to nonprofit organizations in return for a tax write-off. Some nonprofit organizations turn around and sell those cars to help raise money for specific program needs. Other organizations, however, give those cars away to people who are in need. When you know where to look to get a free donated car, half your journey is already complete.

Contact charitable organizations that give cars to people in need such as military veterans or those needing transportation for continuous medical treatment. Check out Free Charity Cars and Online Car Donation. You must meet program requirements to get a car from one of these organizations. Free Charity Cars only requires you to set up a profile page and explain why you are in need of a car. Cars are donated based on the amount of votes generated from your profile. Online Car Donations give cars to women survivors of abuse, military families, homeless families, the physically challenged and families who are transitioning off public assistance. Domestic violence and homeless shelters are also known to give donated cars to people who are in need.

Complete all paperwork the organization requires. Generally, this is just an application to get the donation process started. The application will ask questions about your household size, income, assets and resources.

Provide all of the required documentation to the charitable organization such as a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, proof of income or proof that you lack income. If you receive government assistance as a result of your low income, provide proof of the government assistance.

Wait to receive your donated car. You may receive the car right away, or you may be placed on a waiting list; it depends on the organization.

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