How to Donate Used Toys & Books to an Orphanage

How to Donate Used Toys & Books to an Orphanage
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Childhood is a great time to enjoy your favorite toys and children’s books. Some children, however, don’t have the opportunity to enjoy these things. You can help bring happiness to children in orphanages by donating toys and books.

Contact an international charity, such as UNICEF or the Red Cross, and inquire about orphanages in your area or internationally. These charities work closely with children and can assist you in finding a suitable orphanage.

Clean your used toys thoroughly with safe cleaning supplies. The orphanages need clean toys for the children. Look over your used books and make sure there are no notes or excess papers in them. Dust off the covers.

Contact the orphanage you are interested in and inquire about their donation instructions. Every organization is different and will ask for different things, such as packaging instructions and the types of toys and books they will accept.

Deliver your donation, either in person or by mail. The orphanage will instruct you on how you should pack your donation. You may have to pay extra postage fees because of the weight of your package.