How to Donate Used Stuffed Animals in Pennsylvania

How to Donate Used Stuffed Animals in Pennsylvania
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By donating used stuffed animals you are helping children that really need and value them. Your kids may lose interest in their stuffed animal toys as they grow up. In such cases, if the stuffed animals are in good condition, consider donating them instead of shutting them up in your cupboards and leaving them to gather dust. If you are in Pennsylvania and are thinking of donating your kids’ stuffed animal toys, there are a number of places to help you.

Examine your stuffed animal toy. Look for tears and rips in the toy fabric. Avoid donating stuffed animals that are discolored and heavily worn out with the inside material falling out. Do not give animals that have several stains and carry smells from your pets or dust. Donate only such toys that you would want your child to play with. Also, note that some organizations do not accept stuffed animals running on batteries, as the recipient may not be able to afford the cost of replacement batteries.

Check if your local children’s hospital accepts used stuffed animals. Some hospitals may give stuffed animal toys to the visiting child patients. Sometimes, stuffed animal toys are even used with premature babies, for positional assistance or as something that the babies feel protected and secure with. It is of utmost importance that your stuffed toy is in excellent condition though.

Contact your local fire-fighting or police bureau. Firefighters and police officials give stuffed animals to children that have undergone a traumatic experience during their rescue operations. As such, these organizations may accept your donations.

Consider donating your stuffed animals to Stuffed Animals for Emergencies. This group cleans up and donates them to organizations dealing with needy children. SAFE has a chapter in Pennsylvania. Check the Resources link for the chapter address, availability and submission guidelines.