How to Donate Used Goods to AMVETS

by Nick Davis
AMVETS sells used goods.

AMVETS, American Veterans, is a charity organization that helps not only veterans and their families, but also nonmilitary individuals, by providing a thrift store that sells clothing, household goods and other items. The services that AMVETS provides to veterans and their families is free and executed by officers accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are two ways to donate your used goods to AMVETS---by taking the items into one of the organization's stores or by having the company come and pick up the items at your home or business.

Arrange a Pick-Up

Place your used goods in a box or boxes.

Write on the outside of each box: "AMVETS."

Call the AMVETS store in your area to schedule a pick-up. The clerk will inform you of the date the AMVETS' representative will be out to pick up your used items (see the Resources for a link listing AMVETS store locations.)

Write down the pick-up date on a piece of paper or on a calendar.

Place the items outside on your front porch, or in the area the AMVETS' clerk suggested, on the day of the scheduled pick-up.

Dropping Used Goods at AMVETS

Place your used goods in a box or boxes.

See the Resources for a link listing AMVETS store locations.

Drive to the AMVETS store in your area.

Carry the items into the store. Speak to a clerk about donating the goods.

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