How to Donate Used Furniture in Toronto

How to Donate Used Furniture in Toronto
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So you have purchased a new piece of furniture to replace another one. Yet you still have the old one. Maybe the furniture does not fit your lifestyle, decor or taste any more, but it is only slightly used with little signs of wear and tear. Don't just throw it out, because someone else could use it! There are many families in Toronto that are in need of household items and furniture who would love to have your old furniture. Donating your used furniture in Toronto is easier than you think.

Search on the Internet for charitable sites in Toronto that are personally relevant. Red Door Shelter assists the homeless in Toronto, while other charities help in such causes as HIV/AIDS patients and abused women and children.

Write down any phone numbers of charities that interest you. Note which ones offer pickup and which ones need you to drop off the piece of furniture. For example, Furniture Bank, which assists needy families, takes drop-offs, but will pick up for a fee.

Call the charities on your list to find out which ones have the greatest current need for your specific piece of furniture. Ask the associate you speak to what types of furniture they are in need of and how many families they cater to a week.

Set an appointment for the pickup or your drop-off. Ensure the furniture is clean and odor-free. Spray some fabric refresher on the furniture to eliminate smells. Clean light soil or stains from the furniture with soap and water. Most charities want only gently used items.


  • If you are unable to find a charity that fits your needs, post an add for free furniture in one of Toronto&#039;s newspapers.