How to Donate Used Furniture in Portland, Oregon

How to Donate Used Furniture in Portland, Oregon
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Donating furniture is an ideal way to give your items a second chance, help needy, low-income households and quite possibly claim an income tax deduction for your contribution. Community Warehouse, located in Portland, Oregon recycles your donated furniture and gives it to Portland-area families in need. There are guidelines for what you can and can't drop off. They will even pick up your furniture for a fee, but appreciate it if you drop off your donations instead.

Inspect your items to ensure they are in clean, usable condition with no rips or tears. Discard broken or incomplete items. Remove large appliances, large desks, baby furniture, wood beds, king-size mattresses, console TVs and exercise equipment from your list of items to donate. Consider that many homes in need may be in smaller apartments and need apartment-sized furniture.

Contact Community Warehouse by starting up your Internet browser and typing in to read more about this charitable organization. Note that donations can be dropped off seven days a week, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Alternately, email if you have questions about donations.

Load your items and take them to: Community Warehouse 3969 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97212-1117

Schedule a pick up of your items by calling Community Warehouse at 503-235-8786.

Place the donations close to the street in your driveway, your garage or just outside our front door if you have scheduled a pick-up from Community Warehouse for your goods. Pay a fee of $20 at the time of pick-up to help defray transportation costs.