How to Donate Used Furniture in Minnesota

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If you have some used furniture in Minnesota that you are replacing and no longer need, you can donate it to a local charity. Donating your used furniture to a local Minnesota charity earns you a tax deduction, as long as the charity is eligible for tax-deductible donations per the IRS. When you donate your used furniture, you can claim its fair market value. This is the price someone would pay for your used furniture in the current Minnesota market, which is usually less than the price you paid for it.

Step 1

Enter in the name of the charity where you are donating the furniture on the IRS website (see Resources). This is how you check to see if the organization is eligible for tax deductible donations. If you don't have a charity, you can search for one my name or location. You can also find Minnesota charities that accept furniture donations on the Charities Review Council and NAPO websites (see Resources).

Step 2

Contact the charity where you want to donate to make sure that they accept the furniture that you have. Not all items may be accepted. Also make sure that your used furniture is in good, clean condition.

Step 3

Check the fair market value of your used furniture by looking at the Salvation Army valuation guide. You can also check market prices of similar used furniture in your local Minnesota newspaper classified ads or in local used furniture stores.

Step 4

Get your used furniture to the charity by taking it to the donation center or by scheduling a pick-up. Not all Minnesota charities offer a pick-up service. If you are interested in this, check with your local area charities to see if any of them offer pick-up service. For national charities, the Salvation Army offers pick-up service for used furniture.


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