How to Donate Used Furniture in Connecticut

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Charitable donations are a benefit all the way around: you get the pleasure of giving to those with less fortune and you get a tax break. In Connecticut, charities such as the Goodwill and the Salvation Army are always accepting donations in the form of used furniture. All these charities ask is that your donation be gently-used, clean and without any major damage, such as holes or stains. Your used furniture donation provides you with a tax deduction if you donate to a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Step 1

Search for a charity to which to donate your used furniture. Tax breaks are only given to those who donate to 501(c)3 corporations. To find out if your chosen charity is a registered non-profit you can use the Internal Revenue Service’s charity search database.

Step 2

Contact your charity to pick-up your furniture or take it to one of their drop-off locations if you have the means to transport large furniture items. Not all charities are capable of same-day pick-ups and you will have to schedule an appointment at a later date for them to pick up your donation.

Step 3

Obtain a receipt for your donation. This receipt is used for tax purposes and should be kept with your personal tax records.

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