How to Donate Used Dental Equipment

How to Donate Used Dental Equipment
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In the 21st century, a variety of organizations can facilitate your desire to donate used dental equipment—nationwide medical organizations, religious organizations or organizations on the state level. Your donation can help dentists in developing countries or dentists who work in clinics that assist low-income people.

Determine what type of organization you would like to donate your used dental equipment to by conducting research online. These organizations may be religious, perform development work in developing countries or help U.S. clinics in need. For example, if you are a Seventh-Day Adventist dentist, the National Association of Seventh-Day Adventists accepts donations of used dental equipment. If you live in Florida, the Florida Dental Association accepts donations. Also, the American Medical Resource Foundation says, "Donations of used, functioning or repairable medical equipment and medical supplies are needed for shipments to charitable hospitals and clinics in developing countries."

Decide what dental equipment you are donating, and verify that it is in good, working condition. Consult your accountant to determine if your equipment should be appraised before it is donated. Your donation is tax deductible, but as reported at the National Association of Seventh Day Adventists Dentists, "If your donation values $5,000 or more, the IRS could require from you a professional appraisal."

Fill out the donation form located on the web site. If no form is available, call the organization at number it provides to arrange the donation. The organization may pick the donation up from your location or you might have to drop off the equipment.


  • If it is your responsibility to drop off the used dental equipment, decide if you will have time to do that. If not, work with an organization that will pick up the equipment from your location.