How to Donate Used Books in Los Angeles

How to Donate Used Books in Los Angeles
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If you have too many books, you might face a challenge as you try to figure out what to do with them. If you live in Los Angeles, donating your books to a charity is a quick solution that will help you in addition to children and adults in need of a good book to read.

Gather the books that need to be donated. Flip through each book to verify that you haven't left anything important in the pages and that there isn't any writing or torn pages. You wouldn't donate dirty or torn clothing to a charity, so it is important to avoid donating damaged books.

Separate the books into boxes. Make a box for textbooks and a designated spot for nonfiction books. In addition, place adult fiction and children fiction in different boxes. Keep a count of the books in each box and write the number on the outside with a permanent marker.

Find a nonprofit organization. There are several libraries in Los Angeles, such as the City Terrace Library, that accept book donations. In addition, other literacy outreach programs welcome book donations. Books for People accepts a variety of books and the Book Ends organization asks for children's book donations (see resources). If you have many books to donate, ask the organization of your choice if you can arrange for pick-up service.

Ask for a receipt. Regardless of which Los Angeles organization you donate your books to, always request documentation. Donations to charitable organizations are tax-deductible, according to the H&R Block website. Store your receipt with your other tax information.


  • You don't have to donate all of your books to the same organization. Divide your books to be distributed to several nonprofit groups.