How to Donate Used Bikes

How to Donate Used Bikes
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Donating your used bike can bring joy and happiness to needy, low-income individuals. Consider donating your used bike to a reputable local charity or program in your community. According to the International Bicycle Fund, if you want to donate your bike for repair, reuse and recycling, it is usually most practical and cost effective to donate it to a local program.

Locate an organization in your area that accepts used-bike donations. Find such a charity by searching online at the International Bicycle Fund (IBF) website. The IBF lists reputable organizations requesting bicycle donations. If you can’t find an organization in your area that accepts used-bike donations via the IBF website, donate to well known organizations such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Both organizations are located in a vast majority of communities and usually accept bike donations.

Contact the organization to ensure they’re currently accepting used-bike donations. Also, ask for the specific time that the organization accepts donation drop-offs. Some organizations only accept donations during certain days of the week or hours during the day. You can contact the organization in person, by phone or by email.

Drop your used bike off at the organization and request a receipt of your donation before leaving. You can get a tax deduction for donating items to reputable nonprofit charity organizations.


  • You can find additional charity organizations that accept donated bikes by conducting an advanced search on Charity Navigator, a directory listing reputable charity organizations. Click “Advanced” on the “Charity Search” toolbar. Select “Human Services” from the “Select Category/Cause” drop-down box. Choose your state from the drop-down box and type in the name of your city in the box provided. Click “Submit” to see a list of charity organizations in your area that accept used bikes.

    If you can’t find an organization in your area that accepts used bike donations, locate and ship your used bike to a national or international organization, such as Bikes for the World.

    If you’re not able to drop your used bike off at the organization’s official address, check with the organization to see if offers a free pick-up service. According to Donation Town, dozens of charities are willing to send a truck to your home to pick up your donations free of charge.


  • Shipping your used bike can be very expensive.