How to Donate Toys to a Children's Hospital

How to Donate Toys to a Children's Hospital
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Children who are sick or having a surgical procedure are scared. Oftentimes, a simple toy can bring a smile back to a child's face. Almost all children's hospitals accept toys to distribute to the children who come through the doors. Some of the toys may even be used to stock the hospital's playrooms for multiple children to use. There are a few rules you must follow when donating the toys.

Contact the children's hospital nearest you to find out if it has any toys that are in high demand. This can help you in knowing which types of toys to purchase or collect for the donation.

Collect toys that are new and in their original packaging. Most hospitals will not accept used toys because of the risk of transferring germs to the patients. You can collect toys by holding a toy drive. You can also collect cash or gift cards and purchase the new toys yourself. Just focus on the list of toys that the hospital is currently in need of.

Make arrangements with the hospital to donate the toys. Don't just show up. The hospital is busy taking care of the children. A representative will make an appointment with you for a time that is convenient for the hospital. The representative might even schedule a tour of the hospital for you.

Recruit a few friends to help you deliver the toys if you collected a large amount. A friend with a pick-up truck or a van would be able to transport the most amount of toys for you.

Meet with the hospital on your scheduled date and time and deliver the toys.


  • Do not accept any brand new stuffed animals that have been subjected to smoke. The hospital cannot accept these because of the risk to the health of the patients.