How to Donate to a Thrift Store

How to Donate to a Thrift Store
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Donating items to a charitable thrift store lets you clear out old items that are no longer useful while giving you a tax write off. Follow these steps to donate.

Call the thrift store and ask if they are accepting new donations. Call other stores if the first was already full. Ask thrift stores to pick up your large items. Arrange the pick up if the store offers it.

Clean the items to be donated. Make sure that each item is unstained and in working condition. Remember that the thrift store can't use broken items, and these items are not eligible for tax deductions. Most shops won't even accept them.


Bring small items that cannot be picked up to the store yourself. Take a picture of the donated items, if you are keeping a record of them. Carry the items inside, and bring the donations to the attention of a thrift store employee.


Get a receipt for all of the donations for your tax records. Let the store assess the value of the items and put the total on your receipt.