How to Donate Stuffed Animals to Charity in Ohio

How to Donate Stuffed Animals to Charity in Ohio
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There are many charities and organizations that collect stuffed animals and toys for children in need. Stuffed toys are collected all year round and given to children who need a cuddly buddy. Make sure that the stuffed animal you donate is clean and not too worn. Stuffed toys can be used but should be like-new.

Contact charities that collect used toys and stuffed animals, such as Project Night Night. There is an Ohio drop-off center at the Gallman Group, Re/Max Haven Realty, located on 34050 Solon Road in Solon, OH. Contact them at 1-440-248-2548. You can also mail your stuffed animals to their product mailing locations, as seen on their website, if you don’t live near the Solon area (see References).

Contact Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (SAFE) a charity that collects stuffed animals for emergency organizations, children's hospitals, homeless shelters and other places that assist children in need (see References). They have a chapter in Ohio and ask donors to email the chapter leader. Go to the website and click on “Chapters” and scroll down to the Ohio section for more information.

Contact the Ohio State University Hospital, Mount Carmel Health or another hospital in your area and offer to donate to the children's center. Many hospitals offer charity drives for children. You can also contact your local homeless shelters, children's wellness centers and schools to donate stuffed animals.