How to Donate Plasma for Money in Utah

How to Donate Plasma for Money in Utah
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If you live in Utah and are having problems making ends meet, donating plasma can help you earn money for as little as three hours a week. Choosing to donate plasma can help pay your bills and put food on the table. Bring your laptop or a good book to read while you're there. Help a good cause while earning some extra money.

Contact one of the many plasma donation centers in Utah to set up an appointment. See Resources. This first exam usually consists of a basic physical exam to make sure you are healthy enough to give plasma. Expect to be there for a couple of hours. At the end of the exam, you might be able to give your first donation. Don't forget to bring your Utah drivers license or other form of picture identification.

Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy meal before your exam and every donation. Take advantage of the Farmer's Market in Salt Lake City, Utah; eat your vegetables and foods high in proteins. Eating foods high in iron--such as eggs, nuts and beans--is ideal to ensure an acceptable donation.

Bring a book, needlework or even your laptop to occupy yourself while you are donating. If you are a college student in Utah, bring your homework. It usually takes an hour to an hour and a half for a donation, so it will help to keep your mind occupied on something else. During the process, a needle is placed into your vein, and your blood is pumped into a specialized spinning device which separates the plasma and other components by filtering them into a reservoir. Once it is full, your red and white blood cells and platelets are returned to your body. This entire procedure is done while you are laying back relaxing. It is pretty painless, and it may even make you sleepy.

Collect your payment. You will usually get paid right after your donation. Use it to pay bills, college tuition or even a vacation trip to one of Utah's five national parks.


  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water, before you have the exam and give plasma. The more water you drink, the easier the process. Avoid fatty foods, alcohol and caffeine.

    Eat a piece of fruit and drink some water when you are finished; this will help you to avoid feeling lightheaded.


  • Do not donate if you are feeling ill.

    Quit smoking--or avoid it for the first thirty minutes after donation--to avoid feeling dizzy.

    You can only donate plasma two times per week in Utah.