How to Donate Old Textbooks

How to Donate Old Textbooks
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Each semester of school requires a new set of textbooks. The textbooks are used in elementary school for nine to 10 months, while college students only use their textbooks for four months. The books are often left in like-new condition sitting on a students shelf for years. There is no need to let the textbooks go to waste. You could donate the textbook instead. This allows other people who cannot afford textbooks, both in the United States and abroad, to get them.

Schedule a pick-up date with Textbook Recycle (see resources). This program accepts textbooks that are up to 20 years old. Textbook Recycle has collection bins at various colleges and universities, but they will also make arrangements to pick up the textbooks if you need them to.

Drop your old textbooks off at your nearest Goodwill store. If you do not have a Goodwill store in your area, you can make arrangements for them to come and pick up your donations. Goodwill will even give you a receipt that you can use as a deduction on your taxes.

Call the Global Book Exchange's hotline at 1-415-883-2665. This company accepts old textbooks that are meant for teachers or students. If you live in San Rafael, California, you can drop the textbooks off. Otherwise, you can ask the operator for their mailing address. Then just mail your textbooks via media mail.

Call The International Students of Lewiston-Auburn to donate your old textbooks for use in schools in Russia and Africa. This program was created by the University of Southern Maine. You can reach them at 1-207-753-6500. If you live in the Lewiston-Auburn area, you can arrange to drop off the old textbooks. If not, you can ask for a donation address and mail the textbooks in.


  • Your local used-books store may also have a donation box you can use to leave your old textbooks.


  • Do not donate books with ripped pages, or textbooks that are in poor condition. A good rule is to only donate books you would want to use.