How to Donate Men's Suits

How to Donate Men's Suits
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If you have a man’s suit that you want to donate, you can find a variety of organizations that will put your suit to good use. Once a year, you should go through your closet and donate any clothes that you no longer wear and give them to someone who really needs it. Some organizations give or sell their suits to men and women who are struggling financially and need an interview suit for their job search. When you donate clothing, you can also get a receipt for tax write-off purposes.

Dry clean your suit or clean any stains off. Fold and pack it in a box or bag. Some charities will not accept dirty or soiled suits. Look through the pockets to be sure they are empty and check for rips and stains. Put an extra button in the suit’s pocket if you have one.

Add a pair of matching shoes to the suit or a tie to complete the outfit if you have these items. You can also add cuff links and any jewelry that go with the suit.

Look for a place to donate your men's suit. Churches, Vietnam Veterans of America, thrift stores, Career Gear, Goodwill, Salvation Army and the homeless shelter will take your suit and put it to good use.

Bring your clean men's suit to the charity and drop it off with a volunteer or employee. Get a receipt from the organization so you can write off the donation when you pay your taxes.


  • Call before you go to donate clothing to inquire about any donation rules.